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McLaughlin, A., Pascoe, E., Lawson, L., Parker, L., Whalan, T., Safdar, T., Beeton, G., Kennedy, R., Ivory, N., Morley, L., Halton, H., Russ, E., Gartshore, S., Short, M., (2024) A new perspective regarding the impact of rural disadvantage on accessing services: Hearing the Australian and Irish social work student voice. Advances. Online. https://www.journal.anzswwer.org/index.php/advances/article/view/305/275

Doyle, K., Pascoe, E., Donnarumma, S., Anderson, M., Stoyle, K., McDaid, D., Morley, L., Russ, E., Hawkins, P., Doyle, P., & Short, M. (2023). A transnational student-led, rural-focussed inquiry: Social work educational competency in disaster management. Social Work Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/02615479.2023.2254794

Lomas, G., Gerstenberg, L., Kennedy, E., Fletcher, K., Ivory, N., Whitaker, L., Russ, E., Fitzroy, R., & Short, M. (2022). Experiences of social work students undertaking a remote research-based placement during a global pandemic. Social Work Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/02615479.2022.2054980

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We wish to acknowledge the team from the University Centre for Rural Health, University of Sydney for their generous support for this student-led, rural-focussed research project with regional Universities; in particular, Robyn Fitzroy and Frances Barraclough. We also acknowledge the University of College Cork and Charles Sturt University FoAE for their generous financial support of these projects.

Previous Student Project 2022/2023 – Social work educational competency in disaster management


Kim Doyle Southern Cross University

Sara Donnarumma Southern Cross University

Dave McDaid University College Cork

Kate Stoyle University College Cork

Emma Pascoe Charles Sturt University

Macey Anderson University of New England

Previous Student Project 2021/2022– Rural focus


Toni Whalan Southern Cross University
Amy McLaughlin University College Cork
Emma Pascoe Charles Sturt University
Jessica Lawson Southern Cross University
Georgia Beeton Southern Cross University
Lizzy Parker University of New England
Tayyaba Safdar University of New England

Poster presentations

2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase Event CIRTL: University College Cork, Ireland

McLaughlin, A., Stoyle, K., Rose, J., Russ, E., Short, M. & Halton, C. (2023, 5th December) Unlocking the impact of inclusive, student-led participatory research on placement: A guide to lead and succeed in a digitally enhanced learning environment in higher education [Poster Abstract]. 2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase Event CIRTL: University College Cork, Ireland. 2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase | University College Cork (ucc.ie)

The 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Social Work Conference 2021

Reflections from Amy McLaughlin, University College Cork

Previous Student Project 2020/2021 – Student experience during COVID-19


This inquiry aimed to explore the student experience of remote project-based placements. The research explored how social work students from regional universities experienced online and remote research-based placements during COVID-19. The four student participants were undertaking a social work research-based placement during COVID-19, participating in a range of research activities supported by the academics in the research team. The co-operative inquiry was undertaken with a unique focus on the student voice.


Emma Kennedy Southern Cross University
Georgie Lomas Charles Sturt University
Laura Gerstenberg Charles Sturt University
Kelly Fletcher University of New England


“There is a different voice that arises out of the co-operative inquiry process because we play that role of both researcher and subject”

“This experience has forged a greater appreciation for the role that research plays in social work, enhanced our ability to communicate effectively and developed our skills in research and strengthened our developing sense of professional identity”

Interested in joining a co-operative inquiry with us?

We are always looking for new students to join our projects. To join a student-led inquiry, you will need to have a placement organised and the support of your academic liaison, your onsite supervisor and if you have one, your off-site supervisor. If you are interested in being involved in a co-operative inquiry with us, please speak to your supervisor/placement establishment academic at your University and then contact us using the form below. Please include the name of your University, the name of your supervisor/s and their email, and the name of your placement establishment academic and their email in your form.

Presentation on Co-operative Inquiry