Featured Current Research – Journal articles

  1. Doyle, K., Pascoe, E., Donnarumma, S., Anderson, M., Stoyle, K., McDaid, D., … & Short, M. (2023). A transnational student-led, rural-focussed inquiry: social work educational competency in disaster management. Social work education, 1-22.
  2. Short, M., Halton, C., Morris, B., Rose, J., Whitaker, L., Russ, E., Fitzroy, R., Appleton, C., Adamson, C., Woolven, M., Rush, E., Ivory, N., Berger, L., Morton, N., Duncombe, R., & Boyd. B., (2022). Enablers, markers, and aspects of quality innovative placements across distance: insights from a co-operative inquiry, Social Work Education, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2022.2060959
  3. Whitaker, L., Russ, E., Petrakis, M., Halton, C., Walters, C., Woolven, M., & Short., M. (2022). Co-operative Inquiry online: Investigating innovation in work integrated learning across four countries. SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online (DRO). Online. https://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781529603910
  4. Lomas, G., Gerstenberg, L., Kennedy, E., Fletcher, K., Ivory, N., Whitaker, L., Russ, E., Fitzroy, R., & Short, M. (2022). Experiences of social work students undertaking a remote research-based placement during a global pandemic, Social Work Education, online, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2022.2054980
  5. Short, M., Russ, E., Gartshore, S., Morton, N., Pisk, D., Fitzroy R., Hitchin S., Fyson S., Jones D., Burrowes B.,and Whitby, A. (2021). Connectivity: Engaging with Industry in the Creation of Student Placement Opportunities’. Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education, special edition, 22(2), open access: http://journal.anzswwer.org/index.php/advances/article/view/75
  6. Contemporising field education: International innovations in delivering social work placements remotely. This research addresses the question: what are the challenges to, and opportunities for, innovative delivery of social work placements in overcoming distance and disaster, where distance is defined geographically and sociologically.

Featured Past Research – Conferences & Presentations connected to INCInq

  1. Osburn, L., Short, M., Kalache, L., Moorhead, B., Velander, F., Mlcek, S., & Mungai, N. (2020). Social work online intensives. Webinar for Stirling University social workers. This presentation emerged out of a conversation between two INCInq researchers, Stirling University and Charles Sturt University.

2. Morris, B. (2020). Responding to student mental health challenges during COVID-19. Public Lecture for Charles Sturt University.

3. Research Cafe (2021): Introducing co-operative Inquiry, the Teaching and Learning think tank, and the International Network of Co-operative Inquirers. Lecture for Charles Sturt University.